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Tom Savage only played two series in Saturday's 27-23 victory over the New England Patriots, Vince Wilfork Jerseysbut in that short time, he showed why the Texans believe he can be their starting quarterback.

In nearly a quarter of work, Savage was 8-of-9 for 98 yards and a touchdown, Brian Cushing Jerseysand he led the Texans down the field on both series he played. He had a nearly perfect 149.1 passer rating. Houston coach Bill O'Brien named Savage the starting quarterback early in the offseason, and in three weeks of training camp and two preseason games, Savage has not given the Texans a reason that anything should change. In five preseason drives, Savage is 17-of-20 for 167 yards and a touchdown. DeAndre Hopkins JerseysHe had a slow start in the preseason opener with two three-and-outs, but he impressed on the next three drives. Those three drives: a touchdown, stopped on fourth-and-6 from the 8 on a run and a two-yard touchdown run. J.J. Watt JerseysThe Texans scored touchdowns on two of his five drives. Rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson was just 3-of-10 for 102 yards, with 63 of those yards coming on a catch-and-run by D'Onta Foreman. Watson did have a rushing touchdown for the second consecutive game. On second-and-goal, Watson escaped pressure before running up the middle for a 2-yard score. Brandon Weeden was 5-of-8 for six yards.

When it was starters vs. starters, the Texans looked ... like the offense has the potential to be better than last season. It was certainly a small sample size -- and a low bar to cross -- but Savage moved the ball well down the field. He did that without receivers DeAndre Hopkins, Jadeveon Clowney Jerseys2016 first-round pick Will Fuller (broken collarbone) and 2016 third-round pick Braxton Miller.

One reason to be concerned: The Patriots' running backs combined for nine catches for 115 yards and two touchdowns. The Texans' linebackers struggled covering running backs last season, including against New England. D.J. Foster led the group with four catches for 52 yards and a touchdown.

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METAIRIE, La. -- Firing the team orthopedists was a jarring and probably necessary move by coach Sean Payton after an embarrassing turn of events at New Orleans Saints camp this week.

But Payton and the altered medical staff will have to do even more damage control to ensure they don't lose the trust of the locker room after cornerback Delvin Breaux's misdiagnosis turned into such a mess. Willie Snead Jerseys I'm sure all three of those things are fairly common in the NFL. But they rarely play out in the public spotlight the way they did this week.

I haven't gotten an indication that the Saints have any sort of mutiny to worry about. Brandin Cooks Jerseys It's even possible that players will see the firing of the team doctors as a positive move. Drew Brees Jerseys As the team's union representative, Thomas Morstead, said Wednesday, Payton's message to the team was "very well received" when he explained what happened and, "I thought he did a great job of basically promising the team that they're gonna have people that are here in every area of the building Kenny Vaccaro Jerseys -- including the medical staff -- that players feel like have their best interests at heart and are competent."

However, I can't imagine that Breaux is too happy with the way things played out. Mark Ingram Jerseys I'm certain that other players won't be happy in the future if coaches question their commitment to returning from injuries if they disagree with the doctors' findings. I'm even more certain that some past players are incensed over similar situations, including former cornerback Keenan Lewis and former linebacker Chris Chamberlain, who were practically gloating on social media Wednesday. I can think of a handful of other disgruntled former players who likely feel the same way.